SWCC offers Bright From The Start and Pathways approved Face-to-Face trainings. Whether you are a new early childhood educator or an administrator, we have training for you!

Beginning & Intermediate Level Trainings

Training Type: Face-to-Face   Training Location: Atlanta, GA Metro Area (TBA)

  • Health & Safety Orientation Training (8 hours)
  • Health & Safety Orientation Training & First Year Basic Six (10 hours)
  • Nurturing Nutrition & Food Preparation Training (2 hours)
  • Safe Sleep Practices (2 hours)
  • Working With Children With Special Needs (2 hours)
  • Managing Challenging Behaviors With Children (2 hours)
  • Play Time Matters (2 hours)
  • Focus On Development (2 hours)
  • Making Your Classroom Eco-Friendly (1 hour)

Advanced & Administrator Level Trainings

Training Type: Face-to-Face   Training Location: Atlanta, GA Metro Area (TBA)

  • Developing Community Partnerships (2 hours)
  • Leading Your Team To Success (2 hours)

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